RossWood Rabbits

I began exhibiting rabbits in 2007 at the age of 12, with Niagara County, NY 4-H.

Varieties I breed 


Self-Black, Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, Ruby Eyed White, Agouti-Chestnuts, Tan Pattern-Otter (All 4) AOV-Steel, Lutino

More than 150+ Best in Show/Best Reserve in Show in multiple breeds including Mini lops, English Angoras, Mini Satins, and Netherland Dwarfs.

Top Winning Rabbits

2022-ARBA Convention, Reno

NV Best Junior Of Breed-RW’s Newt-Otter Jr. Buck

2018 BOSB ANDRC National Nationals

RW’s Spook-Otter Sr. Buck

2017 BOSB & Best Jr. of Breed ANDRC Nationals

RW’s Alaska Thunderbuck-Black Jr. Buck

2014 BOSB ANDRC Dwarf Nationals

Steel Sr. Buck-RW’s Got Milk

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