Hall of Fame

Our Home-Bred National Winning Cats

GP, NW RossiWood New Yorker

Best Cat in Premiership Region 4 2021-2022
CFA’s 2nd Best Cat in Premiership 2021-2022

GP, NW RossiWood Orion

3rd Best Cat in Premiership Region 4 2022-2023
CFA’s 6th Best Cat in Premiership 2022-2023

Thank you to Jodell & Ed Raymond for loving York & Ryan and showing York to a 2nd best cat in 2022 and then Ryan to a 6th best cat in 2023, Nationally!

Distinguished Merit (DM) Cats

In CFA, male cats who have produced a minimum of 15 qualifying offspring (grand champions/grand premiers) and females who have produced at least 5 qualifying offspring, are recognized with the title of “Distinguished Merit” or “DM

Jovan Sassy Squatch, DM

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